Mortelmans PTY ltd was founded by Glenn Mortelmans in 2016 to comprehensively provide clients a specialist security service.

Whilst Glenn Mortelmans worked in various high level security sectors including military, private security, corporate institutions and rural areas internationally, he identified a gap in the market for specialist security services in South Africa, and in combination with his skills and exclusive expertise he started the company.

Since its early days of operation Mortelmans PTY ltd has proactively kept pace with the ever-changing security industry by offering superior coverage and service for all types of business with the use of technology and a unique way of operating the business.

Through tailor-made integrated and rapid responses, Mortelmans PTY ltd has already earned a reputation for excellence and customer service. Truth, honour and safety are the core values which govern the Mortelmans PTY ltd team. Mortelmans PTY ltd aims to exceed its client’s expectations by understanding their requirements and customising security to best suit their needs.

As being part of a Global Security Team Mortelmans PTY ltd also offer a group of highly trained international security experts in Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Ukraine and South Africa.

Our mutual co-operation is based on exchanging experiences within our field of services. Together, we set and implement international standards in the area of emergency procedures. We regularly undertake joint activities, i.e. various training programs, workshops with the police, special units as well as other emergency services.


At our company, we prioritize a human-centered approach to security services.

Our objective is to provide industry-leading security solutions while fostering a business culture that is centered on values such as dedication, development, effectiveness, innovation, respect, teamwork, and trust.

Through these principles, we aim to empower our clients and employees alike, with the goal of enhancing their quality of life. We believe that by upholding these core values, we can offer a truly exceptional level of service that sets us apart in the industry.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional Security Services, instilling confidence and peace of mind in our clients by ensuring the safety and protection of their customers and the general public