Mortelmans PTY ltd is a comprehensive security solution provider catering to all market segments. We pride ourselves on our highly qualified uniformed personnel, who offer a strong and visible security presence. Additionally, we adopt an eclusive, integrated IT approach, utilizing the latest information equipment and techniques. Our ultimate objective is to ensure our clients safety, regardless of the location or situation they may find themselves in.

In accordance with legal requirements, it is mandatory for all security companies and their personnel to undergo training and registration with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). However, we believe that mere compliance with this standard my not suffice. as such, we take pride in ensuring that our team receives personalized training from Glen Mortlemans, a highly accredited military instructor with a wealth of expierience spanning over 25 years.


  • Armed and unarmed guards for farms, industrial, retail, mining and personal premsises
  • Access Control
  • Alarm Response
  • Dedicated VIP and Guarding
  • Visible and non invasive Protection Services for VIP’s by our CRT Team
  • CRT Critical Response Team
  • High Risk Extraction of VIP Clients to save areas
  • International Support
  • Security Management

Mining Division

Mortelmans Operational Security Services is a BEE division and has extensive expierience with the different mining processes used in coal, gold, platinum mining, among others and understand the risk and threats that South African mines are facing today.

This is why we are able to provide comprehesive, custom mining security services suited to our clients requirements within the various mining sectors.

Security in the mining environment has evolved from the prevision of basic services, becoming an integral part of the mine’s operations, which involves duties such as:

  • Unarmed Guards
  • Armed Guards
  • Perimeter Security
  • Weighbridge Operations
  • Pro-Active CCTV Monitoring
  • Investigations
  • Diesel Management
  • Civil Unrest/ Strike Intervention Services
  • High Value Goods Protection. Transport and Escorting
  • Illegal Mining Combatting

Innovative Operating Models and the utilisation of technology, enables us to operate effectively to ensure an efficient integration of security duties and mining operations.


For the selected executive client base we have our exclusive CRT. They consist of a small team of 6 PMC’s (Private Military Contractors) of different military and security skills and backgrounds handpicked by Close Combat Specialist and International accredited Instructor and Close Protection Operative Mr Glenn Mortelmans. Not only are they all highly trained and motivated but more importantly their international standards are of the highest levels.

All of the members are specially selected over time and moulded into the highest standard for our Executive Clientele. All Team members are registered by P.S.I.R.A and GSKMA (Global Security and Krav Maga Association) and have clear criminal records with airtight client confidentiality contracts to ensure confidentiality and security of the client.

All members of Mortelmans PTY ltd – Critical Response Team are experienced and qualified as Close Protection Operatives, Combat Medic Level III and high levels of Krav Maga